Ethics & Working Principles


It is our purpose to build a long-term relationship with our clients based on mutual trust and integrity. We believe that working together over time we come to understand their organizational style, culture, personalities and dynamics and so can provide added value through objective and informed advice.
We present our capabilities accurately and honor all commitments made to our clients. We safeguard their good name, along with that of SEMARE, by treating properly those whom we contact in connection with search assignments. Our reputation enables us to be particularly effective in persuading individuals to explore our clients' opportunities.
We work for and are compensated only by client organizations. We accept only those search assignments we believe we can perform effectively, establishing at the outset the feasibility of specifications. Our objective is to identify and attract well-qualified candidates and to work with the client to secure the appointment of the preferred candidate.
The final choice rests with the client. We undertake to provide clients with all relevant information available to us regarding candidates and to provide candidates with all appropriate data concerning both the client organization and the particular search opportunity. In this manner, prospects for a mutually satisfactory client/candidate relationship are maximized.
We do not provide any organization with detailed information on individuals unless we have been retained to complete an assignment for which such individuals are potential candidates, and only then with the permission of those individuals.

Confidentiality - The effectiveness of our work depends on a detailed understanding of our client's strategy and style of management. We therefore respect absolute confidentiality when dealing with sensitive information provided to us about a client organization and its personnel.
Confidentiality works both ways. Most of the people recommended by SEMARE are currently employed. Client companies must respect this fact and work to minimize exposure of candidates during the search and interviewing process. This means that no candidate names should be mentioned to anyone other than those individuals directly involved in the search effort. Confidential presentation material must be controlled and strictly limited to those people concerned with the selection of the candidate. Open relationship - The best relationships are reciprocal and, just as we make our clients aware of any particular facts we discover in the course of a search, we ask them to keep us informed of any developments which may affect the successful outcome.
Communication - We establish appropriate lines of communication with the client at the beginning of an assignment and use them to maintain regular contact throughout the search: by telephone, in writing, live online updates and through strategy review sessions.
Exclusivity - To avoid confusion in the market-place, we ask that only one recruitment procedure is followed. Thus, clients should not advertise or use any other recruitment method whilst we are working on a search and refer to us for consideration any potential candidates already known to them or presenting themselves spontaneously. Our search activity may occasionally provoke such introductions.
Research - Our objective on each search is to discover relevant and high-caliber people through professional research. Our methodology enables us to identify key individuals with the specific qualifications, skills and experience sought across sectoral and national boundaries.
Timescale - An assignment enters research when we are authorized to proceed. Our objective is to present qualified candidates for interview within an agreed timescale. Allowing time for completion of the client's interviewing and selection process, we would expect an assignment to be completed within three months. In the case of international assignments and those with some element of exceptional difficulty, timescales may be longer.

Each search has different requirements and points of emphasis and we are accordingly flexible in adapting our approach to meet client needs. In general, however, the search process includes the following stages:
Briefing - Confidential discussions held with key client contacts, in order to obtain a clear understanding of the company, its objectives, the position and the characteristics of the person sought.
Profiling - 'Company, Position and Person Profiles' and an outline research strategy agreed with the client to use as a blueprint for the search.
Research - Potential candidates identified by utilizing in-house expertise found in our specialist practices and international data base, together with original research and discussions with informed individuals who can provide valuable, objective insights on people and relevant issues. Depending on the search requirement, we may liaise with other consultant and research colleagues.
Strategy review - Progress reviewed regularly with the client, and strategy review sessions held as appropriate where we detail targeted organizations and individuals, highlighting qualified candidates. During these sessions; we give feedback on market reaction to the client and the post, comparative salary data, any other pertinent information and summary profiles of qualified candidates.
Interviewing - Qualified candidates identified during the course of the search interviewed and evaluated against the agreed profiles.
Candidate presentation - A shortlist of qualified candidates presented for each of whom we prepare a detailed candidate profile which comprises biographical data, career and compensation details and a full appraisal against the specification.
Facilitating - Client and candidates counseled throughout the interview process; close liaison with the preferred candidate to identify, articulate and affect a successful resolution of any issues arising.
Referencing - Informal referencing and qualification checks carried out before presentation of shortlisted candidates wherever possible. Post presentation we continue the process. Once an offer has been made, and if required further referencing is carried out and the results are conveyed to the client.
Post appointment - Contact maintained with both client and candidate once the candidate has joined a client organization to help ensure the candidate's successful integration into the new company.